Selected Videos

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The Seven Sins of Consumer Psychology

2013 Presidential Address to the Society for Consumer Psychology  on the pitfalls of academic consumer science and how to resolve them

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Interview with Gad Saad for the Saad Truth

Interview with evolutionary psychologist and free-speech champion Gad Saad founder of the Saad Truth

What is Your Brand's True Character?

Keynote speech at the '17 Brite Conference at Columbia

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Designing the Hotel of the Future

Project for Wyndham Hotels conducted in the context of the Strategic Consumer Insight class at Columbia Business School

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What Every Marketer Should Know about Feelings & Emotions

An introduction to the science of feelings and emotions for marketers.  organized by the Marketing Science Institute

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European ACR Conference in Ghent

With conference co-chairs Maggie Geuens and Iris Verveer and their team