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Strategic consumer insight

An integrated 36 contact-hour MBA and EMBA elective on how to reliably uncover genuine consumer insights for business and policy. The course is action-learning-oriented. It includes many in-class workshops in which students learn to apply proprietary customer insight planning tools developed by the professor through many years of executive teaching, corporate training, and consulting. The course also involves a large real-life consumer insight project submitted by a client company. Previous company clients include Coca-Cola, Macy’s, Novartis, Best Buy, Men’s Health, Wrigley, Ann Taylor, Wyndham hotels, and Home Depot, among other companies.

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Brand leadership

A three-day Executive Education seminar co-directed with Professor Bernd Schmitt on how to build powerful and valuable brands, how to strategically manage them, and how to leverage them. The course is structured around Schmitt and Pham's proprietary Executive Brand Leadership Model, a powerful suite of practical tools for managing and leveraging brand assets in today’s global and digital environment. Topics covered include: refining the brand's DNA, brand positioning, brand naming, brand architecture, brand experience, digital branding, brand valuation, and brand portfolio strategy.

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experimental design & analysis

An intense 48-contact-hour PhD-level seminar on how to properly design and conduct scientific behavioral experiments, and how to properly analyze experimental data. The course is taught at three levels: (1) Design; (2) Analysis (mostly ANOVA), and (3) SAS programming. Principles of sound design are learned through many real-life examples of good and bad experimental designs. The course covers the most common designs and analyses in behavioral sciences: factorial designs, repeated (within-subject) designs, mixed designs, Latin-square designs, combining discrete factors with continuous predictors, analysis of covariance, mediation analysis, etc. Although the course is very challenging -- the final exam is a 30-hour take-home to be completed in a 48-hour period -- successful graduates are amply rewarded as behavioral researchers. No less than 13 graduates of the course now serve on the editorial boards of the two major journals in consumer behavior: the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology.  


Global immersion in vietnam's history, society, and business environment

A new MBA elective sponsored by the Chazen Institute. The course includes nine contact hours of introduction to Vietnam's rich history, economy, and culture, thus providing a holistic and deeper understanding of the country's business environment. This introduction is followed by a week-long sojourn in Vietnam that includes experiential visits in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Visits includes a variety of companies from different sectors operating in Vietnam--international and local companies, large and small, as well as major cultural sites. Examples of past business visits include visits to an organic farm, a GM car assembly plant, BCG Vietnam, Dutch Lady, Masan Food, VinaCapital, and a high-level meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Vietnam. Examples of cultural visits include a day in the Mekong delta, visit of the famous Cu Chi tunnels, the Presidential Palace in Saigon, and the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. Note that this is class is not for mere "tourists." The course requires a significant amount of readings and consistent attendance, involves a term paper, and entails high expectations of thoughtful preparation and professionalism while in Vietnam. 

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